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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Bill O'Reilly Gets It Absolutely Right

Some of my reader(s) may think I'm a biased, left-leaning dogmatic ideologue—and they may be right—but I think it is only just and fair (or fair and balanced) to point out when someone with whom I disagree gets something right. Especially if it is someone with whom I disagree with as often and as consistently as the good Bill O'Reilly. I offer this quote from his show on Monday, without comment: it seems to me to be as accurate as anything he has ever said, and as accurate as anything he ever will say. Fair is fair.

There are few journalistic standards left these days as we have proven on this broadcast again and again.



Blogger Bazarov said...

Isn't this an implication of what was said and not an explicit claim that they themselves have broken all conventions of journalism? The intention, I'm guessing, was to say that they at Bill O'Riley have done great things by exposing other media outlets' weaknesses in journalism and not by the example of their own show.
Sorry to be nit-picking, but I simply couldn't fathom that Bill got anything absolutely right. I mean, every time he starts out a sentence with, "I think..." he's lying and wrong. But then again, I guess if you shoot enough you're bound to hit something. The trick is drawing the bull's eye around the bullet hole before anyone sees you do it.

4:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Implications are for left leaning com-symps, sissy.

It's a direct quote. If you want nuance, talk to John Kerry.

4:41 PM  
Blogger Bazarov said...

Of course I'm a commie sympathizer, look at my alias! Aren't all Russians born with vodka in their blood and Lenin in their hearts?
I only lean to the left when the world's tilted to the right, but I've found my ivory tower sits high enough to avoid the pitfalls of the left-right, heads/tails, dumb/dumber, lesser of two evils game...well, most of the time. I've been known to descend amongst the plebs from time to time.
Have you been engaging in your forum arguing lately or did that have to go to a backburner because of travels and work?

10:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm back there with a vengeance. It's particulalry entertaining seeing evangelical Christians who like Romney explain a) what they've said in the past about Mormons b) what Mormons have in the past said about them c) suddenly worried about religion being a criterion and d) still rejecting anyone who is a Muslim as really a potential human being.

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Byron said...

How can we keep up? With all the republican presidential candidates gyrations of who can be toughest on the war on terrorist, who is can top the torturer, the “Who’d stick a red hot poker in the eye” test. Or Who is more christiany than Jesus test: “Who’d kill more Islamofascist and Israelis to help Jesus jump back for his second coming!” And who can forget the unforgettable, uh what’s his name, ALAN fricking KEYES jumps on stage and grabs a microphone! Wow that was great! “This is why people from Iowa should vote for me!” He was geniounely mad, very cool,
for a sell out.
He almost looked sincere. Close,.. but no cigars!

Whatnthe? are the dorks running the democratic party thinking? there is no way Clinton or Obama can win the general. When W’s popularity is down in the 26-30 percent approval ratings and it’s a shoe in for “Anybody but W”, how can they lean so far to the left most Americans shake their collective heads and say,
“uhhhhhh why not vote republican? I hate Hilly”
This is the same country that elected Reagan twice, Bush then elected W-Bush and then knowing what “thedub” was capable of, voted him back in office again?????
There is so much hatred, racism and no-tolerance for non-christians it is impossible to consider either candidate on a national scale that will sway any of the racist hate mongers, we like to politely call the undecided independents. Can’t they throw somebody up that is more middle of the road like a Biden, Edwards, Richardson type combination that looks, tastes and smells more middle of the road. NOOOOO, they pick somebody with a hatred ratings of 50% of Americans who say there is no way they would vote for Hilly. Dump her ass over the side and pick another freaking horse that doesn’t smell offensive to sooo many. Or do the dems feel with W numbers sooo low that, “Now we got them where we want them, the repuglicans are gonna squirm and beg for mercy, heh heh, yeah we can run a skunk and it’d win”. I don’t want to lose to another religious nutjob out to make buck for haliburton or whatever the corporation of the election turns out to be.

Prediction: another close presidential race, red states stay red, decided by corrupt voting machines in florida and ohio again, look for Illinois and California machines to be thrown into the mix. And voting irregularities in Georgia, S. Carolina, Missouri, Illinois, and New York. (Read that: republicans close precincts to those with names that sound like names of felons, surprise supreme court upholds 7-5.)

It’s not all bad news: things are looking up! After the recent ice storms, FEMA has been called in to help out in Oklahoma where 1 million people are without power. Missouri and Kansas have power outages in over 40,000 homes. So I figure with FEMA on the job they’ll get power back in 2 – 3 weeks. Merry Chistmas. I tell ya, it warms the a cold heart to know FEMA’s on it. Or as we call them in New Orleans Federal Emergency My A$$.

[End of Rant]
Have a very Merry Christmas to you and all the little rugrats in your humble abode

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vintage O'Reilly. That dumb-ass also implicated Albert Pujols as being named in Mitchell's steroid report yesterday. I'm sure he'll either avoid that topic or shift responsibility to someone else in hhis typical cavalier style. No-spin, my ass.

9:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Got a link for where O'Loofa besmirched the pure name of Saint Albert?


11:01 AM  
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