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Sunday, March 11, 2007


I always pick wrong, but I have yet, at this moment, to make a single incorrect pick in this year's NCAA tournament.

I have Kansas beating Florida and Texas beating Texas A & M in the final four, and Kansas beating Texas for the championship.

To get there, Florida beats Oregon and KU beats UCLA in the regional finals; on the other side, Texas beats Georgetown and A & M beats Ohio State. The upsets include Oral Roberts winning two games, Wisconsin losing to Texas A & M-C.C., Illinois beating Virginia Tech. Creighton beating Memphis, and Texas Tech beating Boston College.

A little heavy on the Big 12 and Texas, I know. In any case, given my past success, this almost certainly means North Carolina beats Ohio State, UCLA beats Florida, then UCLA beats North Carolina for the championship.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My Next Book

I've decided, for my next book, to edit a collection of essays. I think what makes it important and of great interest is its fundamental focus and coherence.

Here's the title and table of contents.

Is There A Fish in this Text?

Fish, Stanley Preface

Floundering Historically

Fisch, Max "Hooked on Peirce"
Trout, J.D. "The Line from Malthus to Gould"
Poisson, Siméon-Denis "Distribution and Structure"

Arguing Upstream

Salmon, Merilee "The Bite of Logic"
Salmon, Nathan "Tackling the Sorites"
Salmon, Wesley "Referring and Respooling"


Bass, Alan "Difference and Disavowal: The Trauma of Eros" (selections)
Minnow, Martha "Making All the Difference: Inclusion, Exclusion, and American Law" (selections)
Pike, Nelson "God and Timelessness" (selections)
Ray, Christopher "Time, Space and Philosophy" (selections)
Sturgeon, Scott "Matters of Mind: Consciousness, Reason and Nature" (selections)

For and Against Reelism

Haddock Siegfried, Charlotte "Nets and Lines: Pragmatic Castings"
Sturgeon, Nicholas "The Hidden Assumptions of Ethics: Cache and Release"