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Sunday, April 20, 2008

A song

Here's a switch: a lovely country song about philosophy. Generally, people hate it if they haven't had a decent course in the philosophy of language. Those who have may still hate it, but then they know why.

I play it in A with a little break. Not to be sung to the tune of Glen Campbell's fabulously execrable "By the Time I Get to Phoenix."

For those many country music fans out there who enjoy quantified modal semantics, etc..

By the Time I Get to Kripke

I promised to pay Smith five dollars
I think you ought to do what is right
She said she believed she'd love me always
That attitude lasted just one night


De re her, de re me
She's as oblique as she could be
Her modal semantics you've just got to see
De re her, de re me
De re her, de re me

She said she thought love was an entity
Over which you can't quantify
I guess it lacked more than identity
Had no truth conditions to satisfy

She said she had to have a full-blown semantics
More austere but modulo Quine
One that could govern all possible worlds
With the sole necessary exception of mine


Now she's living on the golden mountain
Riding on Pegasus, gettin' her kicks
Dreamin' 'bout barbers who shave each other
Prime numbers divisible by six

Chorus and Repeat


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cajunman says
I see it shooting up the charts to number one in the niche' market of renaissance philosopher blue grass country.

10:06 AM  
Blogger kmosser said...

I've got another, called "This time I'm going to take it lyin' down."

A cheatin' revenge song; no philosophy.

1:11 PM  
Blogger Akrasia said...

Huh! Now I have a headache.

2:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok the mathematicians response


Man I'm telling you this is hilarious!!!


4:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


4:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Ok after 3 tries it isnt as funny but I finally got the link.
[all on one line, but of course]

4:31 PM  
Anonymous -Irl said...

Textual Assumption: You, and not, say, Randy Travis, wrote this.

That said:
Might I suggest a live, on video, recording to go up on You Tube, with a link from your Philosophy of Language class syllabi, now and again. Or a live performance on Philosophy Talk with Kenn?

Wait, I suggest that. Having performed that utterance, you should.

By the way, Was David Allen Coe the inspiration for this phenomenal way of saying what can be said? Well, if so, I think you bested him by creating the only instance of phenomena meeting noumena in a world with and without sound. Just shows how lyrics do what words can’t say.

[NB: For others on the Mosser Blogstorm, if you don't know the Coe reference, I'm talking about a song he wrote that a friend thought was, if you will, the paradigmatic form of country tunes. No Wittgensteinian, Coe reflected on the proposition, and his response to the reader was to pull the Austin maneuver - though one with real effort - and add a finite but very cool paragraph that he thought would allow the tune to serve as an instance of the "perfect country song". What he wrote is the functional equivalent of Kant’s nonargument for faith: he was limiting songwriting in order to make room for more music. The additional verse:


Kurt, while in my view this kind of talent is core to your being, your existence has the least to do with it. And by the way (a personal aside) I've just completed the journey of the I from A to B. Interesting parallel to someone’s provisional title for a dissertation on the developing role of the subjective in Kant’s First and Second Critiques, i think.

Sorry to be so rigidly prosaic, but If I weren't so wordy, I might have said much the same in an obique reference to Ancsomb's letter of recomendatio Kripke: “Kripke is the best philoslopher since Wittgenstein.”

Oh, I can’t do it justice. Thanks for the lyrics - it’ll serve as a lick and a promise for an .mp3, I hope.
Great tune. I wouldn’t fuck with it at all.

-The Irl

p.s. I'm not Bruchner!

2:12 AM  
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