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Friday, September 22, 2006


Ok, ok. Next week turned out to be next month, plus a couple of weeks.

I've been a little busy; I shan't bore you with the details, but it looks like my book is going to be published, I'm working very very hard to try to avoid working at all next year (trying to turn a one-semester sabbatical into a two-semester one; add a summer grant at each end, and I'll end up being a very good banjo player. Do you think Deans read these?), giving some papers (Nashville in November; maybe LA in the Spring; maybe Jo'burg next summer; I've already had to turn down a trip to Australia, and one to China), going to Texas to see some family next weekend, I've finished the whole Pimsleur course (three sets of 20 cds) in Chinese, am approaching 100 characters memorized (traditional and simplified), start Managerial Accounting in October, teach three classes (including one I've never taught), trying to stay up on guitar--several styles and varieties--mandolin, banjo, dobro, playing a bit in the band, and I've got a lot of baseball to watch and two kids.

Sure, plenty o' time to blog.

If I were to blog, it would be about a) our President and his apparent desire--as a war hero with vast battlefield experience--to torture people, in spite of the advice of most of the military; b) our President and his apparent desire to keep violating the Constitution and the law by insisting on illegal wiretaps, in spite of the advice of such radicals as Jonathan Turley and Bruce Fein; c) a prediction on how quick the Cardinals exit the post-season (anything can happen, but if they get to the Series, I will reconsider that whole existence of God. I'll come to the same conclusion, but I'll reconsider it.)

Anyway, I'm going to try and set an hour or so aside to do this thing; I got to 5,000 posts at AnnCoulter.com, but most of my friends have left there (willingly or otherwise), and it has turned into a very unpleasant place, without its old sense of humor. How many times can you laugh at people who insist that the peace of God and the loving embrace of Jesus is best manifest by killing 1.3 billion Muslims?

Leave some comments if you are reading this. If you don't see this, your obligation is considerably ameliorated. Say that five times fast.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sometimes mystery is just weirdness wearing a disguise -masquerading around as, and trying to personify, true genius

and vice versa

are you vice or are you versa?


tell your lovely, possibly smarter,
better half that the mysterious blog commentor says hi

I haven't forgiven you for your anger YOU NEED AN ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT MOSS HEAD

...avoid the attrative nature of unknown-sometimes it swallows you up (yes it actually eats you- beware beware beware) I hope that you write something great and colorful and creative on your blog...otherwise i won't read it or you anymore you've been warned

3:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and the book, tell us more about it

3:23 PM  
Blogger Bazarov said...

Reading about your Coulter forum experience, perhaps you could do a contrast and comparison of her "Godless" book and Dawkins' forthcoming, "The God Delusion" and give us your opinion on which is more cogent and fact-based. It looks like I'll have to put down the current read (Atlas Shrugged) when Dawkins' book comes out and hopefully pick it back up when I'm finished with it.
Glad to see you posting again. I've abandoned the multi-tangent rant method for small fictional pokes, although I did a little anniversary blog for 9/11.
Oh yeah, thanks again. You cook salmon well.

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Adam Kocoloski said...

Hi Kurt,

I've got your blog sitting in my newsreader, so I'm always lurking. Sorry to hear the Coulter forums have fallen apart.

7:03 PM  
Blogger kmosser said...

Ms.(?) Anonymous:

It is truly hard work deciphering your comments. I've never been afraid of hard work (well, that's actually a lie, I've avoided it like the plague), but I'm not sure, in this case, it's worth the effort. Is it?

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ameliorated, ameliorated, ameliorated,ameliorated, ameliorated. It's actually easier to say than type. Maybe Coulter (I like Coultier much more, its the French in me)is the Miss-stery blogger. It is entirely possible that I've no idea what is goin' on. My life is much like that these days. I just feel like takin' up space here on the internet so I thougt I'd come to your blog and leave all kinds of random words like "THAT THAT THAT THAT THAT THAT THAT THAT THAT" Say that up there five times bet you can't. Wahine

10:41 PM  
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