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Friday, October 27, 2006

Uno mas!

The Gods of Baseball have been invoked. By Granderson, by Monroe, by Eckstein (and especially by Preston Wilson); what deity is involved in cursing the Tigers' pitching staff is a scary beast, indeed.

A fine and enjoyable game. These games have been for purists; few home runs, lots of good pitching, good defense (generally), crucial plays (taking an extra base, getting to first on a dropped third strike--what other sport has such a peculiar and engaging rule?).

As soon as Granderson slipped on Eckstein's ball (which wasn't, as Jayson Stark at ESPN said, "gently lifted"; it was hit very well, which seemed to surprise Granderson), I thought of Curt Flood's slip in '68 on Northrup's fly, which gave the Tigers that Series. Curt Flood's principled stand on the reserve clause is what, ultimately, made millionaires out of Albert Pujols and Greg Maddux (and Wayne Garland and Willie Mo Peña, for that matter). I thought every baseball player in the majors should have cut him a generous check for the sacrifice he made.

FOX almost immediately ran the clip. He slipped--he didn't fall--but just enough to prevent him from catching the ball. Now he's known for refusing to abide by the reserve clause and for not catching Northrup's ball. But he should also be remembered for having been as good a defensive center fielder as any of his era, a solid offensive player, and a contributor to a great Cardinal team. The team (including Cepeda, and Brock, and Gibson, and Javier, and Maxville, and McCarver and Shannon and, of course, Nelson Briles--announced by Harry Carey and Jack Buck) that convinced me to love baseball.

The Gods of Baseball may finally be extracting their revenge.


Anonymous Capt. Kierk said...

Game five is a go. I respect the mild risk that Leyland is taking by pitching Verlander instead of Rogers (Or maybe he thinks Rogers wouldn't fare so well in front of a hostile crowd.) But if the Cards end it tonight, there will be some very understandable second guessing.

I hope we shell Verlander and leave no doubt by the time we run him off. Purism is fine, but it's time for a blow out like the one the '82 Cards put on the Brewers in Game Six of the '82 series.

I do have a final prediction. First day of spring training for the Tigers will look like this: Jim Leyland smoking a cigar watching, as his pitching staff is being put through rigorous fielding drills.

6:29 PM  
Anonymous Capt. Kierk said...

Thank God, it's over.

Congrats La Russa (and Duncan) a series in each league, and this one for the best damn baseball town in the world.

Glad to see Taguchi get that ring too. GANBATTE!

Congrats too, Weaver, Wainwright ... and MVP Eckstein, the little engine that could.

The baseball gods have thusly christened the new park.

11:43 PM  
Blogger kmosser said...

" Thank God, it's over."

Even for one of my theological disposition, I certainly understand the invocation of deities in this context.

Congrats to all involved, and to Detroit and Jim Leyland for being a class act. Given their dismantling of the Cards during the season, and their most righteous dispatching of the dreaded Yankees, we all know they are better than they played in this series. (Shades of 2004?)

3:06 PM  
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